A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


Planet filled with deep oceans that is home to the warring Argosian and Aquan peoples. Generally speaking, the Aquan civilization existed in the upper reaches of the oceans while the xenophobic Argosians inhabited the lower depths. The planet is also home to a creature known as the "sur-snake" whose venom had mutating properties.

The planet had originally been visited by Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise and his actions had caused a group of Aquans to split off, be transformed by venom of the sur-snake, and become that Argosians who had an extreme hatred of air breathers and their Aquan brethren.

The Potemkin traveled to Argo in search of a cure for the terminally ill Melina. While there they discovered what had occurred in the over a century of time since Kirk's visit. The Aquans expressed interest in joining the civilization, but could not continue to process because of a state of near civil war with the Argosians. In this same mission, the presumed dead John Micheal was found to be alive on Argo.

(For more information, check out the Memory-Alpha article on Argo at http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Argo_(planet))

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