A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Ardarti VI

Gas giant orbiting the three stars in the Ardarti system. It was observed to have 75 percent the mass of Jupiter in the Sol System, and has 17 satellite moons.

The Potemkin was in orbit around Ardarti VI in 2384, while trapped in the Gamma Quadrant by the closed Bajoran wormhole. While studying the planet, the 'Tem noticed the energy readings from a nearby Ferengi shuttle operated by the brother Pelk and Brant. The two were making contact with the pre-industralized civilization on Ardart II, along with communicating with a Hirogen named Irrick in the Delta Quadrant about a new wormhole.

The 'Tem intercepted their messages and were able to blackmail the Ferengi into leaving the system.

(Ardarti VI, like the rest of the system, goes unnamed during the sim but is called Ardarti here after the civilization on the Ardarti II)

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