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Galorndon Core

Galorndon Core System: Single Star System in the Beta Quadrant Hyralan Sector on Federation Neutral Zone Space

Star: - Galorndon Core; Class A Star (Light Blue). Temperature: 9,500 Kelvin.

Planet: - Galorndon Core; Class L (Marginal). Severe electromagnetic storms inhibit transporters. Diameter: 12,000 km.

Points of Interest: In 2366, a Romulan scoutship crashed on this planet, and a crewmember form the USS Enterprise. Both men suffered progressive synaptic breakdowns as a result of the EM Storms. Two years later, it served as a rendezous site for the delivery of stolen goods to a Barolian ship. (TNG:"The Enemy", "Unification, Part II". VGR: "The Thaw")

In 2379, Galorndon Core served as a battlefield for the Trai'Dar War. Seventeen federation ships were lost and about 70 Trai'Dar vessels were destroyed. Romulans came to the aide of the Federation during the last hour of this battle, helping turn the tide of the War.

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