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Klingon cruiser that had been badly damaged on the front lines of the Romulan-Klingon War. Encountered by the Potemkin in "Dangerous Blood." The cruiser has suffered heavy damage and by the time their distress signal was rapidly running out of breathable air.

An away team sent to the rescue almost got trapped, but Lt. Fuller was able to restore some functionality to the Y'breQ's transporters and beam out the injured Klingons and the away team one at a time. Unfortunately, a Romulan warbird appeard and opened fire on both the 'Tem and the Y'breQ.

Once everyone was safetly evacuated, Warp had Bom send the critically wounded vessel at the attacking warbird. The Y'breQ exploded right on cue, taking half the warbird with it.

The crew of the Y'breQ were eventually turned back over to a band of Klingons who had hijacked a Romulan warbird.

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