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Commerce Day

Commerce Day is an annual holiday celebration on Ferenginar and its colonies, and is generally celebrated wherever Ferengi can be found. Commerce Day celebrates the Great Material Continuum by encouraging Ferengi to spend saved up money on themselves. The occasion is usually marked by extraordinary sales offered by Ferenginar's most celebrated retailers, with some legendary deep discounts even reaching "miracle" status among consumers.

The morning of Commerce Day, families rise early to line up for early bird sales; on Commerce Eve, families traditionally gather around their viewscreens, watching with great anticipation as the last of the inventory shuttles arrive for last minute restocking before the next day's mad crush of consumerism.

In 2384, Grand Nagus Rom considered taking the commerce out of Commerce Day in an attempt to make it a more benevolent, humanitarian holiday, but after seeing the errors of other decisions meant to liberate hidebound Ferengi society, he recanted in time for Commerce Day to be celebrated in traditional fashion. Rom's brother Quark referred to the decision as "a Great Material Continuum Miracle."

In 2386, a Ferengi cargo ship carrying toys to retail outlets on Commerce Eve became stranded in the Fogg Nebula, and only by the light of its red deflector dish was the Potemkin able to guide it to safety, thus saving Commerce Day in that sector of space. Unusually, (and unhappily) the DaiMon of the ship gave all of his inventory away for free to uphold a bargain made with Admiral Mitchell of the Potemkin.

Marauder Mo action figures and wobbly-headed dolls are popular Commerce Day acquisitions for children with appropriate amounts of gold-pressed latinum in their personal savings accounts.

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