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Pollard Mining Facility

Uridium processing facility located on an unnamed planet in a system near Starbase 74. The facility was contracted by Starfleet as a source of the important ore and, as such, it was subject to annual inspections by a Starfleet team. The mine was operated by the Pollard family. In early 2383 the mine started on a new tunnel, and suspected that there was an even richer vein of uridium a bit deeper than their current operations.

The Potemkin visited the facility for such an inspection in late January 2384. The tour was led by Charlotte "Charlie" Pollard, a member of the eponymous managing family. During the tour an accident on the surface send power spikes down into the tunnels that caused cave ins that stranded the away team in separate shafts. Their were eventually rescued by workers from the surface led by Johann Schmitt.

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