A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Otansis IV

Otansis IV is, by all accounts, a pristine land. It is beautiful and green. In many ways it is reflective of Earth; however, there are some major differences. Otansis is a place full of hills, valleys and many lakes and rivers. There are huge oceans and dry deserts, jungles, forests, the whole assortment. That is, without any mountains. The only thing that comes close are the volcano ranges, about 100 patches of three or four butte-shaped volcanos. All of them are active, but no eruptions have occurred in over five millennia.

Federation Member since 2366.

Current Events: On stardate 10301.02, the USS Potemkin was able to move the moon of Ne'erull back into it's proper orbit. The moon of Hex with it's rigid orbit knocked the moon of Ne'erull off orbit. Hex was destroyed in the collision. Because of this change, the planet's tectonic plates shifted and the volcanoes erupted, continuously. Because of the Potemkin's help in solving the matter, the Otansians changed their word for "Shepherd of the Moon" which was "Otandalla i Lankat u Qangorat" (Meaning: Otandalla [mythological Harvester and herder] of Lanks [an animal like sheep] on the Moons.) to "Potemkin" which now stood for, quite literally, "Herder of Moons."

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