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Iota Leonis System

Iota Leonis System: Binary Star System in the Beta Quadrant Taugan Sctor of Federation Space

Stars: - Iota Leonis A; Class F Star (White). Temperature: 6,200 Kelvin.

  • Iota Leonis B; Class F Star (White). Temperature: 6,000 Kelvin.

Planets: - Iota Leonis I; Class Y (Demon). Saturated with toxic chemicals and radiation. Diameter: 11,000 km.

  • Iota Leonis II; Class N (Reducing). Water exists only as vapor, CO2 and sulfuric air. Diameter: 14,500 km.

  • Iota Leonis III; Class O (Pelagic). Liquid water coveres 90% of surface, 3 moons. Diameter: 15,000 km.

  • Iota Leonis IIIa; Class D (Moon). Diameter: 700 km.

  • Iota Leonis IIIb; Class D (Moon). Diameter: 100 km.
  • Iota Leonis IIIc; Class D (Moon). Diameter: 1,000 km.

  • Iota Leonis IV; Class J (Gas Giant). Radiates some heat, surrounded by ice ring. Diameter: 105,000 km.

Points of Interest: The large moon, Iota Leonis IIIc, was once the headquarters of the M'Krann, a band of Tholian pirates. The USS Potemkin tracked the roques to this moon in 2379, finally finding the long hidden base. An away team destroyed the base and rescued the M'Krann's current steal, a Trill Symbiote. The USS Rhone, a Yellowstone-class Runabout assigned to the 'Tem, was destroyed shortly after the AT landed on the moon. Two Tholian vessels, part of the M'Krann, tried to destroy the Potemkin by creating a "Tholian Web." Captain Mitchell was able to destroy the ships before they finished the web.

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