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Dunharrow System

Dunharrow System: Single Star System in Beta Quadrant 2 LY from Hromi Cluster in Federation Space

Star: - Dunharrow; Class G Star (Yellow). Temperature: 6,000 Kelvin.

Planets: - Dunharrow I; Class B Planet (Geomorteus). Partially Molten. Diameter: 2,000 km.

  • Dunharrow II; Class H Planet (Desert). Arid, no surface water. Diameter:11,000 km.

  • Dunharrow III; Class M Planet (Terrestrial). Only animal life. Diameter: 12,000 km.

  • Dunharrow IV; Class I Planet (Gas Supergiant). Radiates heat. Diameter: 9,000,000 km.

Path of the Dead Asteriod Belt: A rather densely packed ring of asteriods that surround the entire system. Many of the asteriods are volatile and explode on impact. One of the Trai'Dar vessels slammed head on into an asteriod, causing a rather large explosion. That explosion has left a small gap in the field. The Path was named for the amount of vessels that have been lost trying to navigate it.

Points of Interest: Site of the wreckage of the USS Catherine and USS Sato of Trinity Fleet. The system is home to the second sighting of Trai'Dar vessels in Federation Space. The wreckage of a Trai'Dar Galley is still afloat in the Path of the Dead.

The Potemkin made for Dunharrow III when its anti-matter tanks were drained dry by a blue energy entity. Warp noted that the Dunharrow system was hard to access and Prax recalled the fighting with the Trai'Dar that had occurred there.

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