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Coridan System

Coridan (Chi Orionis) System: Trinary Star System in the Beta Quadrant Orionis Sector of Federation Space

Stars: - Coridan A (Chi 1 Orionis); Class G Star (Yellow). Temperature: 5,900 Kelvin. - Coridan B (Chi 2 Orionis); Class G Star (Yellow). Temperature: 5,400 Kelvin. - Coridan C (Chi 3 Orionis); Class G Star (Yellow). Temperature: 5,100 Kelvin.

Planets: - Coridan I; Class H (Desert). No surface water, heavy gases and metal vapor. Diameter: 8,900 km. - Coridan II; Class B (Geomorteous). Partially molten, high surface temperature. Diameter: 12,000 km. - Coridan III; Class M (Terrestrial). Federation Memberworld, Rich in minerals. Diameter: 15,000 km. - Coridan IV; Class A (Geothermal). Hydrogen rich atmosphere, cools to become class C. Diameter: 10,000 km. - Coridan V; Class I (Desert). Radiates some heat, surrounded by ice ring. Diameter: 1,000,000 km.

Points of Interest: Coridan was admitted into the Federation in 2267, after much debate between Federation diplomats, like Sarek of Vulcan. It was admitted despie the Orion attack that tried to kill many of the ambassadors. (TOS: "Journey to Babel, TNG: "Sarek")

In 2379, the crew of the USS Potemkin, in orbit of Coridan III, were suddenly transported back in time to the USS Potemkin of 2268. The Constitution-class vessel of yesterday, was in orbit of Coridan III as well, shortly before going off to the all important M5 Computer Tests. It was discovered that an Orion ship from 2379 had been the cause of the temporal shift. After fighting the ship off with the "primitive" weapons of the Potemkin, the crew was able to return to their own time.

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