A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Arlax System

Planetary system in the Beta Quadrant orbiting Arlax, a rare flare star. The star has had recorded annual flares of up to X70, which leave the planets heavily irradiated. A small Federation research station is set up on Arlax V to observe the star's activities.

The 'Tem visited the Arlax system to do the annual medic exams and supply transfer to the research station. While the away team took care of those ends, the ship itself ventured toward the corona of the star to observe the unique phenomenon. Unfortunately, the star flared in full strength, leaving the crew at its mercy. Those on the planet were safe in an underground bunker, but the Potemkin was buffeted badly. To make matters worse, the crew's old nemesis, DaiMon Nor, got the drop on them and claimed the ship as salvage. Fortunately, Warp and the rest were able to take back the vessel and return for the away team.

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