A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Alpha Fornacis System

Alpha Fornacis System: Binary Star System in the Beta Quadrant Andorian Sector(Sector 006) of Federation Space

Stars: - Alpha Fornacis A; Class F Star (White). Temperature: 7,500 Kelvin. - Alpha Fornacis B; Class G Star (Yellow). Temperature: 5,000 Kelvin.

Planets: - Alpha Fornacis I; Class E (Geometallic). Silicon lifeorms abound, cools to become class G. Diameter: 12,000 km. -Alpha Fornacis II; Class K (Adaptable). CO2 Atmospehere, Large Missle silos on the surface. Diameter: 7,000 km.

Points of Interest: Alpha Fornacis II was home to the secret base of Thanatos Caldwell, Cassandra Nova's father and Psion Criminal. He resided, at the time, in a Cardassian body. He also captained his own Galor-class vessel. The Potemkin was searching for Thanatos and his daughter, Cassandra Nova-Ibrahim. With a burst of Psionic might, Thanatos destroyed the star system. The resultant explosion severly damaged Caldwell's ship, even through it's psionic protection. The Potemkin was blown clear by the shockwave, however it incurred minor damage. The system was totally destroyed, all that remains is a gravitic anomoaly where the dual suns once were.

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