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Ziggurat, U.S.S.

The USS Ziggurat is another of the Old Dogs, a name given to older Excelsior-class vessels. She fought for many years to defend the Federation and has been known to take damage. The Ziggurat saw much action during the Cardassian War, and was one of the ships sent to the traty signing. The Ziggurat was sent into action during the Dominion War and was nearly lost in the retaking of DS9. After a rushed rebuild, the Ziggurat was placed back in action. She was able to fight in the Battle of Cardassia, but was severly disabled. She was decomissioned and placed on sector patrol to the Tellar Sector (Sector 007).

In 2379, the Ziggurat was recomissioned as a full service vessel, and placed into the Tactical Offensive Strike Team. The Ziggurat had been taking out the highest amount of Trai'Dar vessels, however that all came to a head. The Ziggy, as it was known by her crew, was cornered by two Six Shooter-class vessels. The Ziggurat was able to out manuever them, but one of the Six Shooters broke off and collided with the Deflector Dish of the Ziggurat, destroying both vessels. All hands were lost.

Named after the pyramid like temples of Sumeria, Babylonia and Assyria.

Dedication Quote: "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece" - John Ruskin

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