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Trafalgar, U.S.S.

One of the vessels at the climatic Battle of Romulus. It was heavily damaged during the fight and suffered the death of most of its command crew, including Captain Wayne Cooke. Prax beamed over to take command and, with the Potemkin and Catherine, helped break through the Romulan lines. After the battle, Prax was made the vessel's temporary Commanding Officer.

After several months, Prax left the the Trafalgar to return to the Potemkin - and the XO's seat. He arrived in time for the sudden reappearance of Andrea O'Donnell.

The Trafalgar was one of four ships summoned by Admiral Atherton to protect Neria from a Wotal invasion. Understaffed at the time, Prax took over as captain again, with Micheal as Chief Engineer and MacCoroy as Chief Medical Officer. The Trafalgar was later temporarily disabled by a Wotal Trojan Horse virus, but recovered enough power to get in the way of a beam intended to destroy the Nerian moon. The ship was temporarily disabled, but severely damaged. After the incidents over Neria, Prax, Michael and MacCoroy were transferred back to the Potemkin. Admiral Atherton said that the Trafalgar would be sent back to Earth for extensive repairs, upgrades and personnel assignments.

In 2386, the Trafalgar was one of the Federation vessels that participated in the pivotal Battle of Bolarus. (TEM: "Blue Blood")

Lieutenant Strate was a bridge officer, possibly in the OPS division, during Prax's second tenure as commanding officer. Commander Geoffrey Forester served as Prax's XO during both assignments, and served as the vessels Commanding Officer until the appointment of Captain Nelson in 2383.

The Traflagar was seen in an alternate future timeline, once again with Prax in command, when it was sent to stop the Potemkin and Captain Nguyen from restoring the timeline. The two vessels were soon engaged in battle and the Trafalgar heavy damaged and eventually destroyed the 'Tem.

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