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Sarajevo, U.S.S

Ill-fated Starfleet vessel that was lost in the Gamma Quadrant before the start of the Dominion War, around the same time as the USS Proxima. It is unknown what exactly happened to the Sarajevo, but it was badly crippled and all the crew perished, save for Lieutenant Salbok. He managed to rig a transmitter to send out a distress call on RF bands, but it burned out after 3 days.

11 years later, the Potemkin picked up on the distress call and found the Sarajevo and her remaining crewman. By then the ship was in a sad state of disrepair and overrun by the escaped pets of its former crew. Bom, Melina, and Rollands tried unsuccessfully to repair her warp engines, but in the end the ship had to towed back to the Alpha Quadrant.

The 'Tem was initially unable to tow it through the wormhole when it crossed through, so an away team in the Tiber was sent back to get the thrusters working and pilot the derelict vessel through the wormhole. However, the crew encountered the prey species, Tosk, and its hunters on board and had to fight their way to engineering. Once there, Melina and Rollands discovered the hunters had managed to power up the Sarajevo's systems and were able to push it through the wormhole.

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