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Potemkin-C, U.S.S. (alt.)

An Akira-class starship from the alternate universe commanded by the alternate Captain James B. Mitchell.

The Potemkin was involved in a battle on stardate 10204.05 near the Dytallix system. It engaged the Ambassador-class U.S.S. Valdemar during a dispute over the strategically important Sector 715 and its ore-laden asteroids. The 'Tem came out the victor and the Valdemar was severely damaged.

The alternate Potemkin brought our universe's Potemkin into the alternate universe on stardate 10207.04 to help stop tampering between the two dimensions by the alternate Starfleet. It was present at the Battle of Memory Alpha and defeated three vessels including the Sovereign-class U.S.S. Canaday. Afterward it helped send its sister ship home and then help sealed the rift between the two universes.

The ship was later seen when it was sent to negotiate with the alternate Prax Jarvin. Captain Mitchell from our universe had been brought over by Thomas Arnet for this task, since his Mitchell had gone missing. It was later found out that Mitchell had been kidnapped by his arch-nemesis, Captain Roacher, and the Potemkin took a dangerous path into Romulan space to gather information and set a trap for the Canaday.

The plan was to float toward the Canaday and cancel out the larger vessel's shields, beam a team aboard to rescue Captain Mitchell, and then warp away. Unfortunately, Thomas betrayed the crew and the ship was taken by Captain Roacher. All was not as it seemed, however, as Thomas had planted a virus on the ship to shut down all power and essentially trapped the invading crew.

The ship was later repaired and went off with the Canaday in tow.

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