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Potemkin-C, U.S.S.

The fourth vessel to bear the name Potemkin, the Akira-class NCC-76927-C was commissioned in early 2374 under the command of Captain M'Hawarr Sierra Kuei'Shien. Its registry number corresponds to the actual hull number of the ship, breaking from the NCC-1711 series and following the example of the Excelsior-class Potemkin before its registry number was changed. The "golden age" of the Potemkin began as Captain Sierra guided her ship out of dock and off to visit the mysteries among the stars.

During one notable mission in 2374, part of her command crew was "switched," their minds occupying the bodies of another among their group, while on a mission in the Storrs system. She took part in several of Starfleet's other key actions before being handed over to Captain Christiaan C. Back two years later. Back continued Sierra's tradition of excellence until 2378, when he was reassigned as the commanding officer of Starbase 27, the former Empok Nor. Command was transferred to Captain James B. "Warp" Mitchell, who continued to command the Potemkin into 2390.

This Potemkin's dedication plaque reads:

"Give me a spirit that on this life's rough sea,
Loves t'have his sails filled with a lusty wind…"
— George Chapman

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