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Potemkin-A, U.S.S.

The Potemkin-A was a complete overhaul of the Excelsior-class Potemkin NCC-18253. After two years in dock, the ship was launched in 2370 under the command of Captain Mondox. The registry number was changed in a misguided move to honor the proposed Potemkin-class of the mid-2260s that was slated to replace the original starship Potemkin.

In late 2372, command was transferred to Captain Alexander "Putty" O'Brien. The Potemkin-A served until early 2373, when it was lost after an intense battle with three Kaynik vessels and a larger, unidentified ship. Most personnel evacuated to the saucer section shortly before its destruction, with a skeleton crew remaining on the battle bridge and a few officers in main engineering. Explosive bolts were detonated to sever the saucer section from the stardrive section and the saucer escaped to safety. After a valiant attempt to save their dying ship, the skeleton crew evacuated aboard a shuttlecraft. Captain Putty, presumed to have gone down with the engineering section, emerged from a temporal distortion hours after the ship's destruction.

The saucer section was towed to Starbase Horizon before being placed in a museum.

The Potemkin-A turned up again after a rather odd temporal event caused it to appear where the Potemkin-C had been. The crew worked on the Exclesior-class vessel until it was eventually destroyed over Wotal Prime.

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