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Potemkin (TOS), U.S.S.

The United Space Ship Potemkin, Starfleet Registry NCC-1657 was the first Federation starship to bear the name Potemkin. Built and completed in 2259, it was fully commissioned in 2260 after a year-long shakedown tour. In 2268, during the second of two five-year missions, the Potemkin took part in the wargames used to test Richard Daystom's M-5 Multitronic Unit. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")

In 2269, the Potemkin was to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Enterprise at Beta Aurigae to study the unusual gravitational influences present in the binary star system. The Enterprise was forced to change course and the rendezvous never took place. (TOS: "Turnabout Intruder")

In 2270, a new crew was brought aboard and the Potemkin began a third five-year mission. Between mid-2274 and early 2275, the ship began to experience unexplained systems degradation. The ship was officially decommissioned in late 2275, although it was used infrequently through 2286 to carry dignitaries and resupply space stations.

In 2287, the Potemkin was recommissioned to service the Prime Sectors (001-008) including the Sol Sector, the Tellarite Sector, the Andorian Sector and the Vulcan Sector. It was primarily used as a training vessel. In 2295, it was placed into service as a transport to and from the Memory Alpha planetoid. It remained there until 2299 before returning to Earth in 2300.

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