A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Ishikari, U.S.S.

Runabout assigned to the USS Goodall, named after a river in Hokkaido, Japan. Doctor Badra Cassar led a team of anthropologist on the Ishikari to the world of Erum to study the proto-Klingon inhabitants. When Cassar and her team tried to leave Erum, the Ishikari was struck by a bolt of lightning, mostly likely through the intervention of an alien Obelisk on the planet.

When an away team from the Potemkin arrived at Erum to rescue the team, they found the damaged Ishikari. Tora was able to repair the runabout and help rescue the away team from the Erum native. The repaired runabout inadvertently convinced the aliens watching over the planet that the world should not be destroyed.

The runabout was returned to the Goodall a month later along with Cassar's team when the Potemkin located the other Federation vessel.

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