A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The captain's gig, named after the 20th century theoretical physicist.

The Hawking was used as a stand in for Ascendent vessel during a training exercise in the Orlan system. Prax piloted the gig against the fighters Apollyon and Lancaster, along with the runabout Tiber.

Prax, while maneuvering deeper into the asteroids fields, accidentally ran into an Axlorian science vessel, the Collaboration. Believing that the exercise was an aggressive move against their vessel, the Axlorians began opening fire. Prax attempted to hold the Axlorian's off in order to give the other auxiliary vessels the time to return to the Potemkin, but the Hawking's armament was no match for the Axlorian shields. After trying to avoid phaser fire, the Hawking accidentally collided with the Collaboration's shields and was sent spinning out of control. Captain Mitchell used the Potemkin to sweep in and "swallow" the Hawking into the open Hangar Bay. It sustained minimal damage.

Later that year the command crew, after having their memories erased by a Nervian mind wipe, were set adrift on the Hawking by the Miino, who had taken over the Potemkin in order to reach the stellar fountain first.

Working from clues, the command crew piloted the gig back to the 'Tem, but were fired on by the Miino. Prax initiated an auto-docking command for the Hawking by disabling the fire suppression system and lighting one of the beds on fire. The gig was brought into the hangar bay and made a rough, but successful, landing.

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