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Goodall, U.S.S.

Federation scientific survey vessel, commanded by Captain Katenga. In 2384 it was assigned to a long-term mission to the deep Beta Quadrant past Romulan space.

It was named after Jane Goodall, an Earth primatologist, ethologist, and anthropologist.

The Goodall's head of the Anthropology Department, Doctor Badra Cassar, led a team of four other anthropologists on the runabout Ishikari to the study the proto-Klingon inhabitants of Erum. Her team came under the influence of an alien Obelisk, which drove them nearly insane and struck their runabout with lightning when it tried to leave the planet.

The Potemkin picked up Cassar's distress signal and rescued her team from the natives of Erum.

The 'Tem later found the Goodall's transponder signal and met up with the vessel to transfer the Ishikari and Dr. Cassar's team. They met around a planet that was displaying sensor readings similar to Erum. Captain Katenga asked for the Potemkin's help, saying that two of his away teams had vanished on the service.

An away team from the 'Tem and a security team from the Goodall found another obelisk, buried, but still functioning. A figure, dressed in black armor, tried to "preserve" the security team by zapping them into glass containers underground near the base of the obelisk. A rescue team from the Potemkin was able to rescue the trapped security team and get them safely back to their ship.

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