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Gilbert, U.S.S.

Federation ship on a long range survey mission in the latter part of 2381. Near the Great Barrier the ship picked up a distress call from a ship apparently stuck in the barrier itself. They identified and were able to beam one Vulcan aboard.

Later, the Captain's log reported that something strange incidents had happened including fights among the crew and bizarre deaths. The crew determined that there was some sort of entity that was hopping between crew members and draining their bodies to the point of death. The entity later killed all the crew and inhabited the vessel itself.

A couple of days after Starfleet lost contact with the Gilbert, the Potemkin was dispatched to search its last know location. The crew found the ship, but glowing with a strange blue hue. The ship hailed the 'Tem, and through the com channell the entity was able to shut down power just long enough to beam it and its Vulcan inhabitant aboard.

When the crew would respond to the alien's (later identified as Zeus) demands to be taken to Hyperion, it set the Gilbert on a collision course with the 'Tem. However, Zeus's host was killed by being pushed out an airlock so it reverted back to controling the Gilbert. After firing on the 'Tem a final time, it took off at hight warp.

The Gilbert arrived in orbit of Arx Stellaris IV, where it fired a probe into the planet before taking off. It reappeared during the confrontation with Zeus, this time the crew was aided by Ares. Zeus used it powers to pull the Gilbert into the atmosphere, hoping to crush the crew with it. Ares grew to gigantic proportions to catch the falling ship and then threw it into the sun where it was destroyed.

Named for the noted 20th century anthropologist Allan S. Gilbert.

Dedication Quote: "Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference." - Jane Goodall

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