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El Cid, U.S.S.

Few ships can match the power of this old ship. Over the past few years she's been refit and upgraded more times than any other ship, but she just won't quit. The USS El Cid has had over 30 captains and has served as the Fedeartion Flagship for 5 months. It was nearly destroyed by the Breen Weapon unleashed on StarFleet vessels in 2375, which destroyed the USS Defiant.

It was placed into Alpha Flight of StarFleet's Offensive Tactical Strike Force in 2379. On stardate 10306.12, over Galorndon, the El Cid was destroyed. The bridge and and engineering sections of the ship were blown away by a Trai'Dar Six Shooter-class. With no directions being fed into it, the ship went careening out of control. The USS Potemkin was barely able to move out of the way, but unfortuneately it did collide with the USS Bonaventure. Both ships were destroyed. Many of the El Cid's crew were able to make it to escape pods.

Named after El Cid, a Castilian military leader during the 11th century, and the national hero of Spain.

Dedication Quote: "Look into the depths of your own soul and learn first to know yourself." - Sigmund Freud

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