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de Ruyter, U.S.S.

Federation ship that was sent to monitor the situation around Wotal Prime after the Potemkin had left orbit.

It was later called away from the Wotal Prime to join a flotilla consisting of the Potemkin, Trafalgar, Utrecht, and Bellerophon around Neria in order to protect it from a Wotal invasion. After the Wotal had been successfully repulsed, Admiral Atherton ordered that the de Ruyter join the Bellerophon in being stationed permanently around Neria.

The de Ruyter was lost with all hands during the Hobus Stellar Event which destroyed the Romulan Star System. The de Ruyter was assigned to the Remus evacuation corridor and was still engaged in emergency beam outs when the Romulan star went nova. At the time, the de Rutyer was under the command of its first officer, Lt. Cmdr. Sattaro Taeno, as Captain Oswaldo Benevides was off-ship. Taeno was the child of one of the Aklar symbioite's former hosts.

Named for 17th Century Dutch Admiral Michiel de Ruyter.

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