A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Copernicus, U.S.S.

Starfleet scientific vessel. The crew was transferred to the Copernicus after the Potemkin was heavily damaged after a fight with emotional Vulcans in a Romulan warbird. The Copernicus was significantly smaller than the 'Tem and the crew was not happy about the downgrade.

The Copernicus was sent to Arcorus III to participate in some scientific drilling. However, a radiation spike began effecting the crew, followed by two different viruses shortly afterward.

It was on the Copernicus that the crew also found out about the impostor Admiral Nechayev and sent them exploring them tampering by the alternate universe.

Six years later, the Copernicus charted a nebula on which that the Potemkin was later sent to do scientific studies. After a disastrous encounter with organisms inhabiting the gas, Captain Mitchell jokingly blamed it on the Copernicus.

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