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Cincinnatus, U.S.S.

An older ship powerful warship, the Cincinnatus had a crew complement on 700, cruising velocity of warp 6.4, and an emergency velocity capability of warp 8.2. It also carried scientific equipment that could be suitable for terraforming a Class-L planet. Being an older class, the shields had a periodic refresh cycle that made their harmonics momentarily vulnerable to transporters.

The Cincinnatus was hijacked from Starbase 74 by a group of Neo-Transcendentalist led by a man named Dryden. They had transported the skeleton crew that had been aboard to the station and then set off with the destination of Benevento IV. The Potemkin crew was ordered to pursue the stolen vessel in the Nova-class Anio (the 'Tem being powered down for repairs).

The crew managed to overtake the Cincinnatus but talks with Dryden fell apart. Dryden also managed to change the prefix codes and thus prevented the Potemkin crew from remotely taking over the ship. An away team was sent over to the Cincinnatus during one of its shield's periodic refresh cycle and managed to neutralize the hijackers. Unfortunately, Dryden refused to admit defeat and had activated the self destruct sequence. The ship was destroyed and the away team, with the movement leaders in tow, only barely managed to make it back to the Anio alive.

The Cincinnatus was named for the ancient Roman general and dictator.

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