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Capricorn, U.S.S.

Barely off the assembly line, the Capricorn was pulled into service to stop the Borg Incursion of 2373. It was here, that she proved herself a capable ship with a capable captain. The Capricorn was sent on a five year mission into deep sapce right after the battle with the Borg. She was unable to return to help fight in the Dominion War. However, she did arrive in time to take part in the Battle of Cardassia, around the end of 2375. Shortly there after, she was recomissioned to serve on the Cardassian Border.

In 2379, she was assigned to StarFleet's Tactical Offensive Strike Team's Beta Squad. The Capricorn succeded in repelling the first Trai'Dar incursion. It was during the second, that she was lost with all hands. The Capricorn flew to the USS Potemkin's aid when it was named Fleet Commander. However, a cloaked Trai'Dar vessel pulled up and smashed into the Capricorn, destroying it. Debris from the Capricorn, smashed into the Potemkin and tore a hole in Main Engineering. She was lost with all hands.

The Capricorn was named for the Zodiac symbol of the same name.

Dedication Quote: "You don't have to be tall to see the moon." - African Proverb

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