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Canaday-A, U.S.S.

The Federation starship Canaday-A serves in Starfleet under the command of Captain Bryan Roacher. The alternate Canaday was involved in a battle with the Potemkin on star date 10207.25.

The Canaday was encountered during the sim, when it had been severely damaged during an accidental impact with a small cluster of micro-singularities. Many crewmembers were lost or injured due to ensuing hull breaches and fires. Teams from the 'Tem were dispatched to help clear up the damage.

During the course of the sim, it was revealed that the Canaday had captured two Romulan prisoners who used the disaster to escape confinement and plant a bomb under the bridge. They were eventually incapacitated and returned to their holding cells.

Potemkin engineer Andrea O'Donnell transferred to the Canaday to continue her Starfleet career. She was among those lost during the ship's accident, and was declared dead.

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