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Canaday, U.S.S. (alt.)

The U.S.S. Canaday, commanded by Captain Bryan Roacher, was an alternate Starfleet ship. A Sovereign-class starship, the Canaday's power and flexibility makes it a formidable foe and also very capable as a ship on the front lines of the war with Grey Faction in the alternate universe. Lieutenant Rhando was the Chief Tactical/Security Officer, and Commander Joseph Cornell was the Political Officer.

Doctor Thomas Arnet found himself on the Canaday after a freak accident sent him across the dimensional barrier. While there, he witnessed the Canaday comes to the assistance of the USS Valdemar, which had been attacked by the alternate USS Potemkin. Arnet later escaped from the Canaday after seizing control of it from Roacher.

When next seen, the Sovereign-class vessel engaged the alternate U.S.S. Potemkin-C and our own universe's Potemkin in battle over the Memory Alpha planetoid in the alternate universe. The Canaday was disabled in orbit of Memory Alpha and left in that condition. It was later revealed that Roacher had lost the Canaday and she was sent on standard patrol efforts. He eventually regained his post and set off to end the Gray Coat rebellion by capturing the alternate Captain Mitchell.

During the events of "Discontinuity" the Canaday was tricked into heading toward Vulcan, where she was ambushed by the alternate Potemkin in an attempt to recover Captain Mitchell. The first attempt was unsuccesfull, thanks to tampering by Thomas Arnet, but eventually the Canaday and her crew were captured by the Grey Coats.

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