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Bonaventure, U.S.S.

The USS Bonaventure is one of the oldest ships still operating in StarFleet. This ship has seen more action than most starships combined. In 2360 she was retired and placed on Sector 001's patrol duty. In 2374, she was reactivated and sent to Vulcan. After a year she was upgraded weaponswise. She served in the Dominion War and was almost lost at the Battle of Cardassia.

In late 2379, she, along with 29 other ships, she became part of the StarFleet Offensive Tactical Strike Force, she was placed in Beta Flight. During the Battle of Galorndon Core, the BV fell victim to multiple attacks, but persevered, taking out a Trai'Dar Galley. She was sent to augment the USS Potemkin's phaser system and helped destroy a node on the Trai'Dar Uplink Array. As the 'Tem and the BV pulled away from the Array, the USS El Cid, careening out of control, collided with the BV, resulting in the destruction of both ships. Some of the BV's crew were able to make it to escape pods.

Named after the Catholic Church's Saint Bonaventure, a master theologian and a man of great intelligence.

Dedication Quote: "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." - Anne Frank

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