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Babel, U.S.S.

In service since 2361, the USS Babel has served with valor for many years. The Babs, as she was called, served for long periods of time as an explorer, heading out to deep space. Most of the time, she was so far out, long range communications were impossible. For the most part Babs missed out on the Dominion War, returning to Federation Space only days before the fall of Cardassia.

The Babel fell to the Trai'Dar "Black & Gold" vessel in 2379. After taking severe damage from the Galley-class Trai'Dar Destroyers, the Babel launched an attack on the "Black & Gold" ship, however a volley of torpedoes destroyed the Engineering Hull, and a phaser blast struck the Warp Core. The ship's explosion barely scratched the "Black & Gold"'s hull.

Named for mythical tower of Babel, which served as the divider of nations and language on Earth in the distant past.

Dedication Quote: "If thou hast commenced a good action, leave it not incomplete." - The Talmud

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