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Austere, U.S.S.

A brand new ship, only months old when it was called into be a part of the Offensive Fleet, the USS Austere barely had time to make a name for herself. However, she did prove that she was probably the most useful ship in that Fleet.

After the destruction of the USS Black Hawk, the Austere was made leader of Epsilon Flight. Captain Molom and his crew were able to destroy various Trai'Dar vessels while the USS Potemkin was gone. When the 'Tem reappeared inside the Uplink Array, Captain Molom realized he must implement Operation: Justinian. The plan involved sacrifcing one ship to destroy a vital enemy target. After beaming all of the Austere's crew onto the Potemkin, Captain Molom piloted the Austere into the Array's event horizon. Here Molom started a countdown sequence on the ship's selfdestecut. Molom was able to make it to a shuttle, but was nearly killed by the shockwave, itself. The Potemkin beamed him aboard before being hit by the shockwave. No hands were lost.

The USS Austere is going to be rebuilt, bearing the same registry number, however her class may change. At this time, an alphabetical suffix will not be added to the number.

Given the name because of their black operations nature and a reputation for being quite harsh in action.

Dedication Quote: "The shortest answer is doing." - English Proverb

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