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Anio, U.S.S

Federation starship that was being used by the Starfleet Corp of Engineers for tests on its warp engines. It was described as being smaller than the Potemkin, more utilitarian, but not as spartan as the Norway-class Navarre.

The crew were introduced to the Anio when it was docked in the berth next to the Potemkin at Starbase 74. It was empty, pending a new crew transfer from Alpha Centauri, and the Corps of Engineers were performing engine tests. Since the 'Tem was completely powered down for scheduled repairs, Admiral Lovell ordered the crew to transfer over to the Anio in order to pursue the members of the Neo-Trascendentalist movement who had stolen the USS Cincinnatus. The mission ended badly, with the destruction of the Cincinnatus, and the Anio was returned to the starbase.

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