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Tserrans are a genetically modified offshoot of the Human species, native to the planet Tserra.


Tserrans are wrongly misunderstood to be a warrior race, by nearly all who come in contact with them. This is due to the very violent way most Tserrans live. For most of Tserra's history, the planet was divided between nation-states known of as "Clans". Each of these Clans was ruled by its own elected monarch, know as a "Nashi". The various Clans inevitably went to war with each other for dominance over Tserra's small resource pool, this engrained itself in the Tserran psyche. While murder on Tserra is quite naturally illegal, the definition for murder is fluid compared to most species in the galaxy. It is not uncommon to see a bar brawl, quickly turn into a shoot out. The average Tserran wouldn't even run for cover, or leave their seat in such an instance.

Another thing not helping its warrior race image, is its vast military which it retains to this day. While most member states of the Federation maintain security forces, Tserra's is by comparison massive, consisting of thousands of ships, and millions of soldiers. The Tserran Defense Force, or T.D.F., is fully capable of not only defense, but also of bringing the fight to any theoretical enemy.


The Tserran government, officially known as the Republic of Tserra, is a hybrid between a Republic, and a Monarchy. Consisting of three branches, the Judges, the High Council, and the Office of the Melech. The High Council is the primary legislative body, and is made up of the combined body of two lesser councils, the council of clan leaders, and the peoples council. The Council of Clan Leaders is made up of the clan leaders of the various clans, who are themselves monarchs, or their stewards. The Peoples Council is made up of one commoner from each of the thirty eight clans, who is elected to the position. The Melech, is "King" of all Tserra for the duration that he, or she is elected, and handles the day to day operation of the Government. The Melech is elected from within the sitting members of the High Council, and during an Asefah, or a gathering of the High Council, the Melech serves to regulate the proceedings, but is otherwise no more powerful than any other council member. The Judges are exactly what they sound like, they are judges elected from each of the thirty eight clans to, judge matters of Tserran Law, Tserran Tradition, and since joining the Federation, Federation Law as well.

The Republic of Tserra officially joined the Federation in 2385, this included not only the home world, but all Tserran colonies. Due to the unique way that Tserran politics work, each colony is sovereign territory of the Clan that colonized it, since each of the thirty eight clans combined form the Republic itself, thus by admitting the Republic of Tserra, all Tserran worlds are admitted by default.


Tserrans are quite a religious people, who believe in one God of many names, this God is said to grant access to his Hall, a paradise of no equal to those who believe in him to the exclusion of all other Deities, and who act honorably throughout their lives.

Species History

At an unknown point in Earth's past, a species known of as the Drexan, abducted a few thousand Humans from around the Middle East, and took them to their home world to be used in the creation of slave Armies. Once their, the Drexan began experimenting on the humans, in an attempt to make them better, more powerful soldiers. Only a very small minority of those experimented on would display satisfactory changes, and the rest were apparently locked away in stasis. In the interim, the Drexan were apparently defeated by their enemy, and the surface of their planet glassed, eventually turning it into a massive desert.

Over time the power supplies on most of the stasis pods holding the new Tserrans would fail, causing the pods to open, and the new people to spew forth across the planet. At first Tserrans had the same life expectancy of any human, over time however Tserrans began living longer, and longer with each generation. It is unknown if Tserrans do have a maximum lifespan, as no modern Tserran has ever reached it, as the vast majority of them die due to disease, or battle.

Biology and Physiology

Tserrans are virtually identical to humans, save for a few minor differences. Most Tserrans have Red eyes, and black hair. However it is possible for them to have any hair color that a human can have, and just about any eye color as well.

The only major physiological difference between Tserrans and Humans, is that Tserrans no longer die of old age, and physically stop aging at around the age of 20. This has occurred due to the genetic modifications they were subjected to, combined with inadvertent selective breeding among the general Tserran population. As well, due to the same reason that they are so long lived, Tserrans heal from minor wounds faster than your average human. However Tserrans have a weaker immune system than that of humans, which makes even the common flu much deadlier for them.

One odd quirk among Tserrans, is a rather low birth rate. Only a few thousand are born every year, this is due to self enforced abstinence, as the average Tserran female is incapable of mating, without the act resulting in a pregnancy. This is most likely a genetic security measure put in place, to ensure the Drexan always had an ample pool of soldiers.

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