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The Tserran Defense Force

Tserran Defense Force

The Tserran Defense Force is the federal military forces of the Republic of Tserra. They consist of the Ground Defense Corps, Star Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Corps. The Sar of War is the T.D.F.'s overall head, however the Sar of War is a civilian position, and the actual ranking command of the T.D.F. sits with the Commander in Chief General, or C.I.C. General for short. Each of the four branches of the T.D.F. is headed by a Major General, who exercises nominal command over the entire branch, although in practice the Major Generals are just Lieutenant Generals with titles.

Star Navy

Personnel: 5 million at any given moment.

Number of Capital Ships: 450

Flagship: T.D.V. Afe'la (Battleship)

Tactics: The Star Navy fights with a fusion of three traditional battle tactics, Carrier Strike Offensives, Decisive Battle, and Base Control. What this translates to, is when engaging an enemy fleet, first carrier vessels will launch fighters, and other small skirmishing vessels, who will proceed to perform an alpha strike against enemy forces intending to cripple and soften any vessels and defenses they can. From there the main fleet will engage in a decisive battle focusing on command vessels first, and working their way down the chain of command. Then finally the fleet will launch its contingent of Marines to capture strategic locations, such as star bases, and ground installations, pending a full scale invasion by dedicated Marine Forces.

The Air Corps

Personnel: 20 million at any given moment.

The Air Corps, other wise known as the Star Fighter Corps, is perhaps the most numerous of the four branches, due mainly to the fact that virtually all auxiliary craft operated by the T.D.F. are under their purview. Virtually every Marine unit, Ground Defense unit, Starship, Starbase, and ground installation is staffed with Air Corps members, making them a sort of everyman to the T.D.F. at large. The Air Corps is unique within the T.D.F., as a member of the Air Corps can, and do often serve as officers in the Star Navy, and are even capable of commanding vessels of their own.

Ground Defense Corps

Personnel: 1.5 million at any given moment.

The Ground Defense Corps is easily the smallest branch of the T.D.F., and they act in essence as an official state sanctioned Militia. They are not front line soldiers, nor would they ever pretend to be. Their primary mission is to act as a first line reaction force to any threat against the particular planet they are assigned to, they are to simply present a challenge to any attacking force, while waiting for reinforcements.

The Ground Defense Corps soldiers typically receive about thirty days of training, with an additional day of training every other weekend for the duration of their service.

The Ground Defense Corps is armed, with the same battle rifles that Tserran Marines use. They are typically half armored, and are issued a single bio-metallic cuirass, and helmet like the Marines use, but none of the extras such as pauldrons, and greaves.

Marine Corps

Personnel: 16 million at any given moment.

The Tserran Marine Corps, is the main ground fighting force of the Tserran Defense Forces.

The primary duty of the Marine Corps, is to fight battles, win wars, and generally carry the fight to any enemy of the Republic of Tserra, and should it be called upon, to support Starfleet, and defend the United Federation of Planets.

Tactics: The Marine Corps, fight with a mixture of small, and large unit tactics, and they make heavy use of Hammer and Anvil techniques. The hammer and anvil is a relatively simple maneuver. It begins with two infantry forces of varying strengths engaging in a frontal assault. While the infantry lines are fixed in the engagement, a more mobile "cavalry" force maneuvers around the enemy and attacks from behind, sandwiching it into the friendly infantry. This military maneuver was popular in a number of battles throughout the Earth's Classical Period. In addition to being used in many of Alexander the Great's battles, this tactic was also used during the Second Punic Wars, specifically the Battle of Cannae and the Battle of Zama. Many generals have used the tactic of a "hopping" hammer and anvil. This requires the "cavalry" to be a "hit-and-run" force, relying on the initial impact, and shock value of their attacks. This "hopping" maneuver relied on the cavalry hitting an extreme left or right flank, then hammer-and-anvilling towards the center of the infantry. This would weaken and rout the entire flank, leaving the remaining forces to run down the scattering enemies.

T.D.F. Small Arms, and Conventional Weapons

M-76 Battle Rifle

The Phased-Tetryon Compression Battle Rifle Model 76, or M-76 as it is otherwise known is the standard issue service weapon of all T.D.F. Ground, and Security Forces. The M-76 is a rather large, and long battle rifle, capable of Fully Automatic, or Semi Automatic fire. Due to its large size, it can be quite unwieldy in untrained hands. It fires blue colored bolts of Phased-Tetryon energy, wrapped in a magnetic shell. There is quite a bit of recoil produced from the ejection of these bolts from the rifles barrel. These bolts are capable of kinetic damage, but typicaly detonate upon impact with most surfaces discharging the energy. The rifle can cause serious burns over a distance, and is capable of blowing holes through the enemy at close range.

SA-12 Side Arm

The Phased-Tetryon Compression Pistol Model 12, or SA-12 as it is otherwise known is the standard issue side arm for all T.D.F. Officers, Ground, and Security Forces. The SA-12 is used across all branches of the Tserran Defense Force, capable of Semi-Automatic Fire. It fires blue colored bolts of Phased-Tetryon energy, wrapped in a magnetic shell. It is comparable in size to a Federation Type 2 Phaser.

7FO2 "Oath keeper"

The "Oath Keeper" was designed during Tserra's Muur Wars by a man named Levy Petre, where it was used by all sides of that conflict. Shortly after Tserran Unification it was adopted as the standard issue weapon for all Tserran Ground Forces, it was eventually replaced as the standard by the M-76, but the various branches retain them, for situations when energy weapons are considered impractical. As well it is one of the three most common weapons among Tserran civilians, and virtually everyone owns one.

The typical length of the weapon is 1052mm, with a 335mm barrel and the weapon weighs about 3.4kg. It uses 7.62x54(R)mm rounds. The weapon has an upper and lower receiver for easier maintenance. The pistol grip is made out of metal, but can also be made out of ivory and premium wood depending on your needs. The stock is made out of metal, but stocks made from a different material have to be custom made. The standard stock is a straight stock, but the extendable stock is very popular as well, despite being less common. The standard issue magazine is a detachable top loading box which carries 50 rounds, but while this is the only magazine type, it does come in other sizes. It has a lever mechanism to release the magazine. The selective fire modes are safe mode, automatic and semi-auto.


The Khopesh is probably the most iconic of Tserran weapons. They are identical to a sword found in Earth's Ancient Middle East, that are also known by the name Khopesh. The Average Khopesh is made of a material known as Bronzium. This metal has the appearance of Bronze, and it even oxidizes the same blue-green patina. It features a curved, thick, crescent shaped blade, that is used for slashing, and measures about two feet long. The inside curve of the Khopesh can be used for grabbing people, their weapons or shields. While primarily as slashing weapon, it does feature a point on the end that can be used for stabbing.

There is nothing nice about a Khopesh, it leaves nasty wounds and looks vicious.

T.D.F. Battle Armor

Full Body Kevlar Suit

Generally worn underneath the Standard issue battle armor, it is designed to slow, or stop ballistic weaponry, and has been shown to protect the wearer from 5 out of 10 rounds fired into it. However, it is entirely ineffective against energy and particle weapons.

Bio-Metallic Alloy Battle Armor

Consisting of a Chest Plate, Back Plate, Pauldrons, Gauntlets, Greaves, Boots, and an optional Helmet. The Bio-Metallic Alloy that the suit is made of gives the suit the ability to be able to bend to extreme positions, and then snap back into place, increasing the mobility of the common soldier over other similar battle armor designs. In combat, it has been shown to provide full protection for three out of ten hits received from energy, and particle weapons, partial protection to five out of ten hits received from energy, and particle weapons, and full protection to six out of ten hits from ballistic weapons. Which while it does not make a soldier invincible, it is capable of increasing his or her chances of survival in a combat situation.

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