A fiery nebula and stellar nursery



The inhabitants of Otansis are unique, like any race. They are short, about a three-fourths of an average human male's height. They are almost always thin, but well built. Their skin is light blue and their hair is a darker shade of the same hue. They wear clothes similar to early 21st century earth, where marketing and labels mattered. Otansians are very intelligent, to a point where they developed Warp drive in what would be comparable to Earth's late 19th century. The Federation made contact with years after their initial warp trials and their world leaders voted to be a "protectorate" of the UFP. However, after the UFP flag was raised in 2245, at every palace or government building on Otansis, war broke out. Traditionalists versus Progressivists, the battle had happened on almost any world, countless times. However, this war was cruel. It lasted 37 years and obliterated many of the subcultures that had once existed. The traditionalists won, and destroyed all the research into warp drive. In 2285, three year after the war's end, the Otansians withdrew from the Federation. In the year 2300, the dawn of a new century in UFP time also sparked change on Otansis as another rebellion came about. Romulans had attacked their orbiting space station and killed all aboard. When the Progressivists heard this, they were outraged, and immediately set about creating warp ships again. Then the war came. The first of three wars that would ravage their world. This first one was one for power. The two camps fought each other for 5 years on land before 3 years of nothing but air and sea battles. After that, the Traditionalists created their first atomic weapon, however an accident caused the bomb to explode in their own military base. With that the Progressivists took power and organized one central, world government. They reapplied for UFP citizenship in 2311, but the Tomed Incident struck too close for some UFP members, and they were denied. Peace lasted for 30 years. In 2341, war broke out again, and the old sides were back too. This war was long and brutal, lasting 20 years and dragging in some Federation help. The USS Henshaw was shot down by a land based cannon, owned by the Traditionalists, and crashed into the Progressivists' biggest war machine. After the war the UFP placed the Otansians under "protectorate" status in 2362 and organized a new government there. Briefly in 2363 an atomic bomb was detonated under water and started a new war. It lasted three months, with no real winner. However, a new leader emerged. Y'Atul, a Traditionalist, came to power. He immediately petitioned the UFP for full citizenship. In 2366, the USS Enterprise paid a visit and Captain Jean-Luc Picard made it official, and helped Y'Atul to raise the UFP flag. Y'Atul began a long term reconstruction plan that included creation of warp drive ships, but in limited amounts. In 2373, he took two Otansian Battleships to Earth after the Borg Incursion to help maintain a perimeter of defense. Y'Atul died in 2376, his plans only partly finished. That same year, Y'Atul's closest assistant, Niso'Ld was elected to power. He rules to this day.

Otansian Mythology: Otansian Mythology is the basis for their language as well as their everyday culture. Otansians believe in 7 gods: Farlang, Otansis, Bakub, Korallon, Otandalla, Ne'erull and Hex. Farlang is the father off all gods, he resides in their sun (hence the difference in names). Otansis is the planet god. It is believed that he traveled from one end of the universe to the other to find Farlang, when he did, he killed himself and broke into 7 pieces (each planet). When Farlang saw this, he was saddened and created people to live in Otansis' heart (Otansis IV). Bakub, is the god of pleasures. He is the son of Farlang and was born in the sun. Bakub left the star and found a home among the Otansians. He gave them gifts beyond what he should have. When this was so done, Farlang was maddened and punished his son by making him watch the people he gave all the gifts to by chaining him to one of Otansis' 5 eyes. He is the namesake for Otansis IV's first moon. Korallon is the goddess of love. She was Farlang's wife and mother to Bakub and Ne'erull. She came one night to the mortals of Otansis and showed them love, procreation and taught them language and science. Korallon was walking among the moons when the evil Hex came upon her. He raped and killed her there, and ever since the moon has been stained with her blood. Otansis IV's second moon is named for her. Otandalla is the god of animals and plants. He was the brother of Korallon. Hearing of her death he came to Farlang and pledged to give his service to the sun lord. And so, Otandalla was given a moon to live on, and each year he brings the harvest about. Ne'erull is the goddess of the dead. She was born with Bakub, but she remained in the star. When she was of age, her father gave her providence over the living. However, she fell in love with and was pregnant with a mortal's child. Farlang killed him and the baby in her womb. With this, Ne'erull abandoned the realm of the living and took over the realm of the dead. There she wed with her lover and raised a family. Her home was said to be Otansis' fourth eye. Hex is the god of evil. Hex was the ruler of death until Farlang's people came about. Hex left for another star and was believed dead. An evil spirit that once served Hex persuaded Ne'erull to bring him back, only before he stepped forth did Ne'erull take note of his evil deeds. He escaped immediately and attacked Korallon. Farlang, enraged, threw him from the moon of her death to the planet. There they fought and Hex raised the volcanoes. When Farlang drove Hex to the fifth moon, Hex escaped to the core. There they fought hard, but Farlang got the upper hand and chained Hex to the core. The moon of Hex is the only moon that completely eclipses the sun.

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