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Militaristic culture native to Korvat. They had for some time been under Klingon rule, although they were not of Klingon stock. They drew some of their more harsh traditions from this occupation. Their species name is a derivative of the Klingon "qu'vaH nov" meaning literally "dishonored people." They still practice the death penalty.

The Kuvanahru applied for Federation membership in 2381, and the 'Tem was dispatched in "Death's Culture" to personally inform them of the results of their petition - they were to be denied entry for their use of lethal punishment. This infuriated the leader of the Kuvanahru, Kurin, who demanded that the crew leave orbit of Korvat immediately.

Captain Mitchell sent a petition to the Federation Council to reconsider. Eventually they agreed to allow the Kuvanahru membership in the Federation.

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