A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Baareen are a race of sentient testudines from the Alpha Quadrant. A highly intelligent species, they only developed warp power within the last three decades. They are experts in underwater construction and mining operations.

Their homeworld, Baaris, is classified pelagic, meaning only 10% of its surface contains landmasses. They are share a border with Ferengi space. The Baareen have colonized 18 planets and have conquered 3 other worlds. These 22 planets make up the Baareen Confederacy. While all Baareen Confederacy citizens are considered Federation citizens, only Baaris is a member of the Federation. All other worlds are considered protectorates. The Baareen joined the Federation on December 31, 2385.

The Baareen, despite resembling Earth turtles, are bipedal, standing as tall as the average humanoid. They have incredibly agile fins instead of arms, though the underside of their fins have a series of bone protrusions that approximate the finger movement of humanoids. The Baareen click their beaks to express emotions non-verbally, a succession of quick clips might be a smile, where as a loud singular clack spells disappointment.

The Baareen possess some aquatic-based technology such as clamshell communicators.

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