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Andromedan Caterpillar People

Unnamed species originating from the Andromeda Galaxy who bear a similarity to oversized Earth caterpillars. They were among the many species from the Andromeda Galaxy subjugated by the Sun King. The majority of their populace were employed on the Sun King's power source - the Stellar Manipulator. Over 500 caterpillar people were rescued by the Titan Hyperion and transported to Sol System of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The surviving Caterpillar People were given a desolate planet - Castelax IV - that would meet their needs shortly after their arrival. They are currently classified as a Federation Protectorate world. Their homeworld in the Andromeda Galaxy was one of the first worlds destroyed by the Sun King. It's name is unpronounceable but approximates to "First World."

The Caterpillar People are a race of sentient insectoids. They range in length from 1.5 to just over 3 meters. They share many traits with Earth caterpillars. The Insectoids have a basic vocabulary easily learned by the universal translator, however they preface each sentence with a vocalization meant to convey a sentence's meaning or tone. The also use their antennae, mandibles and multiple legs as a form of gesticulation. Many of the caterpillars are involved in technical work, as their multiple limbs allow them a great degree of multitasking.

At several stages in their life, the Caterpillar People must hibernate in cocoons made of their natural silk. These hibernation periods can last from several weeks to several months.

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