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Hur'q Virus

A "seed" planted in the human genetic code by the Hur'q when they visited Earth millennia ago. The goal was to turn humans, who had beaten the invaders off their world, into Hur'q themselves. This genetic tampering was to remain dormant until humanity reached the point where it could travel to the Hur'q ancestral home.

The crew of the Potemkin had this virus activated when they encountered a Hur'q outpost while stranded in the Gamma Quadrant. The virus began to change those humans present into the insect-like Hur'q. Arnet was able to cure this by flooding the crew with anti-proton radiation, which forced their DNA to revert to its original form.

However, the virus, though no longer capable of mutating DNA, had cells that still interfered with the body's metabolism and produced a deadly fever. Only by adapting Lieutenant Rolland's medication could Arnet stop this from spreading.

A week later, Lieuteant Salbok was diagnosed of being a carrier of this virus and had to go through decontamination.

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