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Weapons Module

The aftmost portion of deck alpha is perhaps the most unique feature of any Akira-class starship: the Weapons Module. In a traditional configuration, the Weapons Module is a fearsome appendage that provides an Akira-class starship with weaponry rivalling the firepower of two normal starships its size.

The Weapons Module includes a dedicated quantum torpedo launcher, which doubles in peacetime as a launcher for regular photon torpedoes and probes. Also built into the Weapons Module is a phaser pulse cannon of similar design to the weapon pioneered on the Valiant class of starships.

The Weapons Module also serves as the Potemkin's tri-cobalt device launcher.

Some Akira-class starships have had their weapons modules swapped out for refitted modules carrying other payload, such as sophisticated sensor arrays. Unlike those ships, the Potemkin retains its original Weapons Module.

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