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Warp Field Nacelles

No starship can move faster than c, the speed of light, without a propulsion system able to escape the relativistic effects present in the space/time continuum. The Potemkin employs a WPS, or Warp Propulsion System to achieve superluminal velocities.

Without the Warp Field Nacelles, located on pylons suspended below the Dual Secondary Hulls (centerlines approximately on deck 11), the Potemkin would be incapable of travelling at speeds of c or above.

The Warp Field Nacelles are fed Warp Plasma from the Warp Core through the Power Transfer Conduits. This Warp Plasma is injected into the nacelles in pulses at pulse frequencies measured in nanoseconds. As the plasma passes between the large verterium cortenide Warp Coils, it phases into the subspace domain along the nacelle centerline and radiates outward. By tightly controlling the pulse length, pulse frequency, and offset, the Potemkin can create a multilayer warp field. When the lobed field is modulated properly, anything inside it will travel through space at superluminal speeds while avoiding relativistic effects.

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