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Dilithium Crystal Chamber

A pressure vessel constructed of hafnium 6 excelion-infused carbonitrium, the Dilithium Crystal Chamber (also known as the Matter/Antimatter Reaction Chamber - M/ARC) contains the most violent and powerful fusion reaction at man's disposal.

The M/ARC houses the DCAF (Dilithium Crystal Articulation Frame) which holds the iron-infused dilithium crystal in place at the center of the chamber. Deuterium and anti-deuterium (matter and antimatter, respectively) flow into the chamber from the top and bottom in finely-tuned streams. They meet a few angstroms above the upper facet of the dilithium crystal and annihilate one another, generating a highly energetic plasma known as Warp Plasma.

The Warp Plasma is channeled into Power Transfer Conduits (PTCs -- also known as Warp Plasma Conduits) to be taken to the Warp Field Nacelles or to the EPS taps aft of the shear-plane joints (the joints that separate from the Warp Core should it be ejected).

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