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October Lounge (Eight Forward)

On deck 8, along the forward lip of the saucer section, one can find the center of crew socialization and relaxation: the October Lounge. Also known as Eight Forward, the October Lounge provides an environment in which even the most senior officers can relax and socialize with other crewmembers or just have a drink.

The bartender in the October Lounge is a mysterious Human man known to the crew only as Jim. Wise and observant, some have half-jokingly asked him if he is, in fact, El-Aurian.

Eight Forward is one of the ship's designated emergency shelters. Its broad, reinforced windows permit approaching rescue ships to easily see personnel taking refuge in the lounge. It is also in close proximity to the shuttle hangar, which can be used in the event of an evacuation after the crew has reported to shelter locations.

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