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Executive (XO's) Office

The Executive Office is the Executive Officer's equivalent to the Captain's Ready Room. Here, the First Officer can retreat to work, discuss private matters, or to meet with officers. While not as spacious as the Ready Room, the Executive Office allows the First Officer the space he or she needs to work and conduct ship's business. While the office does feature its own replicator, there is no head in the XO's office.

Currently, a small model of the Constitution-class USS Potemkin resides on the XO's desk. A ceremonial Bajoran dagger is mounted on the wall behind the desk with the slogan "Raka Ba'hava'el shala morala, emam borom kosst kejal" inscribed underneath. The phrase, which originates from a Resistance prayer, roughly equates to "Bajor did not walk alone, we helped guide it to freedom."

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