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Observation Lounge

Also referred to as the Conference Lounge or the Briefing Lounge, the Observation Lounge serves as a meeting place for the senior officers when discussion is required on an issue. The Observation Lounge is also frequently used for diplomatic efforts requiring a meeting between small delegations.

The Observation Lounge is furnished with a long table and twelve chairs. Along the forward bulkhead is a wall-mounted computer display, allowing for visual and audio presentations. Along the aft wall is a bank of windows which looks out over the saucer section between the Dual Secondary Hulls, affording a panoramic view of the stars and the warp engine nacelles. An empty space near the starboard bulkhead contains a realistic meter-long model of the Excelsior-class Potemkin-A, mounted on a floor pedestal.

Frequently, the Captain and First Officer use the Observation Lounge to brief the senior staff on the ship's situation or important aspects of a mission.

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