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Main Bridge

Located on deck 1, the main bridge is the ship's command center. Under normal operating conditions, all decisions about the ship's movements and actions are made here.

An interesting feature of the Potemkin's main bridge module is that it has been designed to be ejectable under emergency conditions. When ejected, it can maintain certain life support conditions to ensure the survival of the crew in the module at the time. This also allows bridges to be easily interchanged at starbase layovers. The ship's bridge has been ejected several times in battle, resulting in a higher-than-average bridge upgrade rate for the Potemkin when compared with other ships of its class.

The main bridge also serves as an emergency shelter, with fully independent environmental systems and storage lockers containing emergency supplies.

Through a door in the aft port alcove of the main bridge, a ramp leads directly to deck two, allowing access to facilities located there without use of a turbolift.

Potemkin Bridge Diagram - Small

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