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Van Brom

A large burly man who was part of the mining expedition that had been set up in the asteroid belt known as the Hollow. He was part Mantokan and had inherited some empathic abilities. For over a year he had been a romantic rival with Professor Krayne over Katrina, the lovely daughter of Vant Assel, the leader of the miners.

An away team from the Potemkin met Van Brom when he started a scuffle with Krayne during a party being thrown. Assel broke up the fight and Van Brom stormed away in a huff. At the end of the ensuing events Krayne had either died or disappeared and Van Brom was seen holding Katrina. Counselor Jordan suspect that he produced the phantom Tholian vessel using his mental abilities to get rid of his competition. Indignant at the suggestion, Van Brom retorted that she had no proof and that he had done no such thing. Given the lack of evidence, Captain Mitchell had to let Van Brom return to the Hollow.

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