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Rasputin, Grigori

Grigori Rasputin (1869-1916) was a Russian "mystic" who had a profound effect on Russian history, both within his normal lifetime as a confidant of Tsar Nicholas II, as well as outside the bounds of his natural life as a self-taught, half-mad Traveler, one of a select few cosmic beings for whom space, matter, and thought are all one.

As a Traveler, Rasputin brought himself to 1764 to seek revenge, in a round-about sort of way, on the ancestors of the men who would later kill him in 1916--and throwing a significant wrench in Russian and Earth history at the same time. Not content to merely murder the men, Rasputin sought to bring down the entire Russian nobility with one fell swoop.

Looking into the future with what he thought were mystical powers, Rasputin saw the USS Potemkin, and recognized its namesake from Russian history. With a twisted logic few besides "The Mad Monk" would understand, he tapped into complicated science via a Faberge egg known as the Tsar Heart and joined the human Potemkin with the USS Potemkin, thus also bringing back the starship's explosive matter/antimatter core. (TEM: "Indistinguishable from Magic, Part I")

It was this dark heart Rasputin saw as the means for his revenge, and through his "mystic arts," really a spiritual awakening to the inner workings of the science of the universe, he understood what it would take to unleash the warp core's awesome powers of devastation: the Orlov diamond. Not a diamond at all, but a grapefruit-sized tetrahedral quartz bathed in neutrinos. Rasputin saw the stone in his dreams, hidden in the inner vault in a Hindu temple in India, and he spent seven years as an acolyte just to get close enough to eventually steal it. And why not? What is time to a Traveler?

When he finally had the stone, all Rasputin had to do was sell it to Orlov, who would do the rest. Potemkin, as the Empress's Procurator, would receive the stone for her, and the antineutrinos would break down the containment field inside him, and the warp core inside him would breach and explode--taking the Winter Palace and most of the Russian aristocracy with it. Rasputin would have his revenge--and his country.

His plans began to go awry, however, when the Traveler Wesley Crusher brought the surviving Potemkin crew back to 1764 to discover what happened to their ship. Unaware that there were any other beings like him, Rasputin panicked, turning Commander Bom into a bureau and the Traveler Wesley Crusher into a wooden nutcracker. Exhausted from the exertion necessary to perform the spatial distortions, Rasputin was caught by Commander Tora and stabbed--though Rasputin was confident that his death would come later, in 1916, an event which he had already witnessed. (TEM: "Indistinguishable from Magic, Part II")

During the chaos surrounding the imminent warp core breach inside Grigori Potemkin, Rasputin regained consciousness and slipped away into time and space, his plans, for the moment, foiled. (TEM: "Indistinguishable from Magic, Part III")

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